We have particularly extensive experience with the transactions related legal advice, including the largest transactions with the international elements. We advise the clients for example on the following legal matters relating to the acquisition or sale of the  companies, shareholders participations, securities and major assets:

  • Structuring the transaction – in cooperation with financial and tax advisors
  • Due diligence audit of the company to be sold (identify and fix problems, enhance the value)
  • Due diligence audit of the acquired company (identification of potential problems, protection against unexpected losses and expenses, securing the position of the purchaser in the transaction contracts )
  • Drafting or review of the complete transactional documentations – sale and purchase contracts for the business participation or assets or securities, shareholders agreements, closing documentation
  • Drafting or review of the financing documentation for the transaction
  • Drafting or review of the respective corporate approvals and other documents, relationships with the Central Depositary in respect of sale of the securities
  • Transfer or dismissal of the employees related to the transactions
  • Transfer of another important contracts and relationships
  • Representation in negotiations with the counterparty on the terms and conditions of the transaction